Managing property properly
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Change in management rules

General meeting requirements

Interest charged to late payers

Levy contributions need to be authorized by trustee resolutions

Helping trustees make decisions

We very often see major arguments between trustees and owners when owners do not agree with decision made by trustees. To try help with this matter this week?s article hopefully will help trustees when having to make certain difficult decisions

Trustees voting requirements

Legal Fees

Unfortunately in most complexes there comes a time when legal action becomes necessary to take against owners who are in arrears with their levies. This week?s article covers on what legal fees are recoverable from that owner concerned

Security in a complex

Labour Act

maintenace vs improvements

Compliments of the season and I hope all have a very good year The article this week looks what is regarded as maintenance and what is regarded as improvements.

Maintaining control in general meetings

The article this week looks at how to do try ensure general meetings run smoothly and effectively If anyone has any further ideas on this sometimes very difficult area please let us know

New Propsed By- Laws for swimming pools

If you have a swimming pool in your complex or even in your unit, please read the attached article on the proposed new by- laws for swimming pools

Long Term Budgeting

trustees consent

It is of vital importance that any resolutions of trustees are concluded in the correct manner so as to avoid any future issues and this is the subject of todays article


Dear Trustees This week?s article concerns a subject that I am sure everyone has at least thought of .That is can trustees receive remuneration for all their hard work

By-Laws for swimmiong pools

Dear Trustees This week?s article is a continuation of our previous article on the new laws regarding swimming pools. As and when more info becomes available we will let all know

Trustees desicions

Administrative effects of a change to the PQ schedule

Trustees rules

We attached this week?s article which article which deals with trustees rule making

Alterations to property

Short Term Rentals


By-Laws for pools

Dear Trustees The attached article is a follow up on the previous article regarding the proposed by- laws for pools. It appears that this matter is no longer an issue.


Staff Loans

If the body corporate employ their own staff, then requests for loans is certain to arise and that is what our article This week deals with


labour regulations

conduct rules


General meeting

Who is Responsible for boundry walls

Special levies,Special meeting

Minutes Of Meetings

Signing of documentation

Although a body corporate is a legal entity it needs duly authorised representatives to sign documents and the attached deals with how and who can sign on behalf of the body corporate

Home Owners Associations

This article concerns the legalities of home owner associations for residential estates

Solar Panels

Constitutional rights

Insurance and trustees

Trees in complexes

Voting rights at AGM

JHB emergency numbers

Advantages of arbitration

Issues around parking

Decisions in Homeowers Associations

Draft regulations

As you may be aware the proposed changes to the Sectional title management act have been issued. These changes if approved will have far reaching effect on both Sectional title schemes and Home Owner associations One of the major innovations is the formation of an ombudsman for the industry. This if done correctly will I think be of great benefit for all. One of the issues with this is that all owners will now have to pay a monthly fee and the proposed fee is set out as per below The prescribed monthly levy payable by every unit within a community scheme is as follows: Municipal Valuation of Unit Monthly Levy Payable Zero to R 500 000 R 0.00 R 500 001 to R600 000 R 3.40 R600 001 to R 700 000 R 6.80 R700 001 to R 800 000 R10.20 R800 001 to R 900 000 R13.60 R900 001 to R 1 000 000 R17.00 R 1 000 001 to R1 250 000 R25.50 R 1 250 001 to R1 500 000 R34.00 R1 500 001 to R1 750 000 R42.50 R 1 750 001 to R 2 000 000 R51.00 R 2 000 001 to R 2 250 000 R59.50 R 2 250 001 to R 2 500 000 and above R68.00 The attached article deals with other proposed changes in the regulations The one new change as discussed in the article is that in future all complexes are going to have to create a regulated reserve fund and maintenance plan. As stated these are the proposed rules and any one can put in an objection within 30 days as from 5 October If any one wishes to see the full proposed draft simply log onto our web site and click on Compeg advice and if you have any queries on these new draft regulations please do not hesitate to contact me

Petty Cash

We are pleased to announce that we have in partnership with FNB developed a method to avoid any hassles in regards

Owners responsibilty regarding water leaks

Ombudswman to be appointed for residential complexes

Online meetings for trustees

Can speeding fines be charged

Notice,quorams and voting issues at AGM

To claim or not to claim

The responsibility of the managing agent

Ritual Slaughtering

Dealing with visitors to the complex


3 ways for trustees to take resolutions

Can Trustees evict an owners tenants

Community Scheme ombud service act

Visitors Parking Bays

Managing Agent Contract Termination

Security Cameras Vs Residents Privacy

Insurance Claims Settlements

Withholding of levies

Importance of Trustee resolutions for levy contributions

CSOS newslettter

Trustees Fiduciary Duties


CSOS-Failure to comply

Executive Managing Agent

Owners failure to maintain their section

Maintenance of commomn property

Dear All I would just like to bring to your attention the fact that at present we are experiencing major difficulties with the municipality and paying accounts. We have in fact hardly received any statements and very few are available on line. As such we have had to resort to phoning in to just get a balance to pay Over and above this the due dates for payments appear to have been changed and the date payable last month no longer applies to this month We are trying as hard as possible to ensure all is paid but please do understand if a payment is made later then the due date that will hopefully appear when we finally receive statements Attached is an article from the municipality giving their reasons as to what is happening.

New rules regarding water charges

AGM-A few Questions awnsered

Budgeting Tips for sectional title schemes

Proxies-Whats Changed

Exclusive use areas - can they still be created?

Can Trustees be held personally liable

What type of bank accounts are allowed and required

CSOS-A service or costly frustration

Can a body corporate impose fines? Fining rules in sectional title complexes

Dealing with exclusive use issues

Authorising use change in sectional title

Short Term Rentals

The Community Schemes Ombud Services and Disputes

High court ruling has big implications for gated estates

6 Tips to keep playgrounds safe

Scheme management solely by an executive managing agent

Home Owners Association vs Body corporates

The Chairman – King of the castle or just another knight at the round table?

Security Tips

New swimming pool safety requirements

Diving into the scheme’s maintenance, repair and replacement fund when your back’s against the wall

Drones and invasion of privacy

Latest on short term rentals

What the sectional title act states regarding valuations

How to remove permission to keep a pet

Myths in sectional title living

Rules and Procedures for trustees meetings

Cannabis use in Complexes

Nature and Scope of Body Corporate rules


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