Managing property properly


Compeg Service (Pty) Ltd and its sister company, Land Securities Management (Pty) Ltd (Landsec) offer a complete property management service in Johannesburg.

Compeg Service (Pty) Ltd focuses on sectional title management and Landsec on rental administration. (residential, commercial, industrial and retail) including the letting of property. Of the 4 Directors, 2 are chartered accountants and all together have over 80 years experience. It is with this strength, in senior management, that enables us to be of service and client orientated.


  • Guide to Sectional Title Living

    A section can be either a specific portion of a building (a flat in a multi storey apartment block) or a building in itself (a townhouse). A section must be shown on the sectional plan and each section is given a unique number. The section number does not need to correspond to the flat / townhouse number.

    A guide to sectional title living

  • Platinum Package

    At Compeg, we are proud to offer you our experience and solid administrative infrastructure, which will ensure that your building or complex runs at peak efficiency, with high maintenance levels.

    Platinum Package

  • Compeg Blog

    In order to keep owners up to date on various matters pertaining to their residential properties.

    The below subjects are updated on basically a daily basis.